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The Top 3 Pet-Related Perks of Sound Machines

In honor of the dog days of summer, it seemed only appropriate to focus on our furry friends and all of the ways pet parents use our white noise machines. Is your dog more of a scaredy-cat when it comes to 4th of July fireworks? Well, white noise can solve that. Simply turn your Dohm on high during any scheduled fireworks displays and create a soothing environment for your pooch. Read on for more ideas from actual customers on how your pets (and you) can benefit from white noise in the home. 

Masks noises, so dogs bark less…

“I got this to help screen out sounds from my neighborhood which my dogs has begun barking at. The sound machine combined with blocking the view out windows to the street has reduced recreational barking by 90%. The UPS truck still elicits barking. They still see the squirrels in the back yard but that is manageable.”

… which means that you sleep more, too…

“For about 10 years I've had dogs that bark like crazy at night if my other half is away. No idea if they are being protective or anticipating the arrival of the missing 'pack member', but having this machine on helps THEM to bark less. Translate that as more rest for me.”

  and you can be a super-duper considerate neighbor.

“It has also helped my friend's dog who would bark at any noise in their apartment complex. Barking dogs = angry neighbors. So, I bought them this, and the dog stays much calmer during the day since he can't hear the other tenants walking through the halls.”

Masks the noise of thunderstorms and also soothes anxiety.

“All I was looking for was a white noise generator for tinnitus. Have had several sound machines that eventually wear out, randomly change noises in the middle of the night, go silent for no reason then start up again.... Thought I'd go higher quality since we depend on it so. What we got was unexpected. The dog stopped freaking out during thunderstorms. He now sits quietly, no panting. Even better, if I run it downstairs during the daytime, none of the dogs can hear the neighbors, cars driving by, kids playing outside, mailman, etc. Peace in the house at last. Thank you Dohm!!!”

“The only downside...both my dogs and two cats now demand to sleep on the bed with us. It seems to make them content too.”

Masks your everyday animal (and/or husband) noises.

“I have chronic insomnia and am a very light sleeper. I have two cats and a husband who makes noises in his sleep. After a couple of weeks, I don't think I could sleep at all without this. Our cats are very rowdy and play and chase each other during the night and this helps masks the sound. Also, if one of us is watching tv in the other room, this is very helpful because it masks the sound. This is a great machine.”

 “We have been using this for about 4 months. A night doesn't go by that we don't use it to drown out our snoring dog.  By turning the side and the top you can adjust the loudness and pitch and we have found a pitch that seems to match the frequency of the dog and makes it near impossible to hear.”

“We have these in both boys rooms now (which share a wall). They never wake each other up and also drown out the sounds of two big dogs. And if you have dogs and hardwood floors you KNOW how irritating and loud the clickity-clacking of dogs nails can be.”

“We have 3 of these - one in each bedroom. We're addicted, that's the simple truth. The humming sound is the perfect pitch (& adjustable) and it really does keep distracting and annoying sounds at bay (like a dog know what I mean? Love her but THAT sound, ugh!) We sleep much better!”

The moral of these stories?

White noise may be a better treat than a giant bone-in steak. Or a dollop of peanut butter. Or a tuna fish can. Or whatever it is that makes tails wag in your household.