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How it all started


This story is about how Yogasleep came to be.

And it's a

motel sign Love Story motel sign

It all began in 1962...

motel sign

It starts with a traveling salesman named Jim Buckwalter and his insomniac wife, Trudy. Trudy often traveled with Jim, and soon realized that she slept better in motel rooms than she did while at home.

After some head-scratching, the couple identified the soothing lull of the air conditioner unit as the cure to Trudy’s relentless tossing and turning.

hotel room

Jim was a man who loved his wife, and he also loved to tinker.


So he got to work in his garage attempting to replicate the constant whirring noise of an air conditioner, with none of the “air” but all of the “sound.” He thus dubbed his invention a “sound conditioner.”

It was quite a simple device: a turntable motor and a small fan blade encased in a dog bowl, mounted atop a disc of foam-covered wood. Jim's machine created a deeply soothing sound from rushing air. This constant sound masked noises. It also helped people sleep like never before.

Everyone who tried Jim’s sound conditioner loved it.

Word got out, and soon Jim's friends and family were asking for his sleep machines. A little company was started. And it soon turned into a bigger company. That’s how the original SleepMate was born, and eventually became the current Dohm.

While the Dohm is somewhat more sophisticated than its dog-dish ancestor, its guts are fundamentally the same. And while our company has grown in size over the decades, that same find-an-answer, inventor-ish, gee-whiz attitude is still around here, as is the love that started it all.

1962 Dohm 1988 Dohm Today Dohm

Most of our products are made or assembled (Dohm Classic and Dohm) in the USA — some by teammates who have been with our company for so long their ears are part of quality control. In fact, they sign each and every sound machine... you guessed it – with love. That's why Yogasleep products last for decades. So you'll get a serious night's sleep every time you use one.

Trust us, when you wake up feeling awesome, you’ll find a lot to love.


We are all for sleep

We are for drooling on the pillow and waking up in the same position

We are for being

Out like a light

And for sleeping like a log
We believe nighttime is the right time
That naps rule!

naps flag

And good bedhead is a badge of honor
But above all, we believe sleep should never be a struggle
Because it's way too important (and way too good) to miss out on

yay sleep bullhorn

Let's hear it for sleep!

Yogasleep Facts n Figures

Founded (as Marpac):



Headquarters and Manufacturing are based in Wilmington, N.C.
Our Sales office is in Raleigh, N.C.
We've got lots of International retailers, too!


More than 50 Yogasleep Team Members and growing

By the Numbers:

An estimated 5 million Yogasleep sound machines have been sold since 1962.
An estimated 245,300,000 wonderful bed-heads styled by Yogasleep sleep.