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Find the right white noise machine for you with our handy comparison chart.

Dohm Dohm classic Whish Hushh Rohm
Marpac - Dohm Marpac - Dohm Classic Marpac - Whish Marpac - Rohm Marpac - Rohm
Price £47.95 £42.95 £37.99 £32.95 £32.95
Feature Slick style Classic sound Most sound options For baby Travel size
Colors White/Gray, White/Pink, White/Blue, White/Green, Charcoal White, Black, Tan White Grey White
Sounds Fan-based natural Fan-based natural Multi-sound electronic Multi-sound electronic Multi-sound electronic
Volume control 2-speed adjustable 2-speed adjustable Push-button adjustable Push-button adjustable Push-button adjustable
Adjustable Tone Control
Battery USB USB